Routine visits

We pride ourselves on a team approach to fertility management and encourage clients to have regular visits with their vet to meet and monitor key fertility parameters. We apply a whole herd approach to fertility and understand the close association between fertility and health.

All vets are experienced in delivering routine fertility work using ultrasound scanning carrying out in-depth examination of the reproductive tract and early diagnosis of pregnancy down to 28 days. All vets are confident with ageing pregnancies and sexing pregnancies as male or female can be performed on request at approximately 60 days post-service.

Non-bullers: usually synchronised to guarantee service. We are happy to leave prostaglandin on farm for you to use provided it is stored and used safely by trained farm staff. Treatment can be tailored to the cow if necessary using ultrasound to identify ovarian cysts, anoestrus and CL size.

Our fertility visits can be charged on a 'per head' or a 'per hour' basis - giving you ultimate flexibility depending on your system.

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