Biological Fly Control

Nantwich Farm Vets are now  stocking Biowasp biological fly control, this is a clever, chemical free, method of fly control.

The Biowasps are applied on farm in areas where fly breeding takes place, such as muck heaps, straw yards and areas where slurry can pool. After release the Biowasp hatches, the female wasps then search for fly pupae to lay  their eggs inside. The  egg then hatches into a Biowasp larvae that develops inside the fly pupae, this prevents the fly itself developing. and another Biowasp emerges from the pupae rather than an adult fly.

Our May 22 Newsletter contains more useful information on Biowasp 

For best results Biowasp should be reapplied every two weeks during the fly season. To get the best result you should start using Biowasp at the start of the fly season, before the fly population becomes well established.

Watch this video to show how Biowasp works.

More information on how to apply  Biowasp can be seen here.

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