Information for Students

The following guidelines have been drawn up to help you understand the practice expectations of code, dress and behaviour during the time you spend with us; we are sure you will find your time with us enjoyable and informative.

You may feel that the guidelines are a little formidable, but they are drawn up not only to ensure your safety and wellbeing, but that of our clients, animals and staff.

Whilst you are on the premises you will be in the public eye and therefore judged to be part of the Nantwich Team. We, therefore, expect you to adopt a sensible, mature attitude. For most of your time you will be observing the vets and working alongside them; you may be asked to assist with other duties too.

You must not handle animals and equipment unless asked to do so and supervised by a member of staff, although the vets will endeavour to allow you to be as involved as possible.

Your mobile phone should not be present whilst you are on the farm.  It may be left in the vets vehicle, at your own risk.

Confidentiality; please remember that all that you see and hear on farms or in the office must be treated in confidence.

Farmers and owners will usually perceive you to be very knowledgeable, or even qualified - they will often therefore ask you questions about procedures, treatments etc. Try to avoid making categorical statements, especially when the vet is not with you (e.g.has returned to his/her car to collect some drugs), but by all means discuss the case in general terms. Refer any specific queries back to the vet.

General Information

  • Our working hours are 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday. Occasionally you may have to stay out with a vet beyond 6pm if they are still on a visit.
  • Vets usually travel to out-of-hours emergencies straight from home. If you would like to see some practice out-of-hours please ask one of the vets and we will endeavour to help you but please be aware that this may not always be possible especially if you are staying some distance from the practice.
  • Please bring a packed lunch with you every day. Vets are often on visits all day without coming back into the practice or stopping for lunch so please make sure you have your lunch with you when you leave the practice.
  • On your first day please arrive at 8am and report to the farm reception which is through the main entrance and up the stairs. On subsequent days please try to organise which vet you would like to go out with on the following day. Some farms are more suitable for students than others and often vets do not come into the practice first thing unless requested to do so. The vets and receptionists are always willing to help you arrange this.


  • All clothing should be smart and practical. Avoid bright colours and slogans.
  • No jeans, tracksuit bottoms or trainers.
  • Remember you will need lots of fleece layers in winter and a plain woolly hat.
  • Please bring a waterproof parlour top (ideally 2), waterproof trousers and wellington boots. All should be spotless and easy to clean and disinfect after a farm visit
  • If you have a stethoscope, thermometer and lots of enthusiasm - the vet will be impressed!

Personal appearance

  • We expect you to be clean, neat and tidy at all times with no excessive make-up, no jewellery other than stud earrings and a single band ring, and long hair must be tied back.


  • Please advise us of any health issues we should know about to ensure your safety.
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