Foot Trimming Courses

The  4  day  courses  provided  by  the  Dairyland  Hoof  Care  Institute  UK are  structured  so  that  they  can  accommodate  those  that  have  never trimmed  a  cow’s  foot  before  to  experienced  trimmers  who  wish  to update their skills and knowledge. The  training courses teach  the  Five Step Functional Hoof  Trimming  Method  modified  by  Karl  Burgi  in Wisconsin, USA. This tried and tested method is  an updated  version  of  the  original  Toussaint  Raven (‘Dutch’)  method  and  has  been  adapted  and updated for the modern high producing Holstein. The  courses  are  unique  in  that  not  only  is  trimming  with  knives  and nippers  taught,  but  also  grinders.  On  completion  of  the  course attendees  will  have  confidence  with  both  routine  and  therapeutic trimming  as  well  as  the  treatment  of  more  complicated  lesions including wall ulcers and toe necrosis.

Course Instructors:

DAVID ROWE  Primary Instructor and course leader.  David has been running his own hoof trimming business since 1995. He attended the Dairyland  Hoof Care Institute Technical Hoof Trimming Course in 2012 and  as well as being Primary Instructor in the UK, he is also an  Associate instructor for the Dairyland courses in the USA.

STEVEN CROWE  Associate Instructor and veterinary surgeon.  Steve graduated as a vet in 2010 and has since worked exclusively in farm animal practice. Steve is a mobility mentor for the AHDB Healthy Feet Programme and has attended various courses around the world in cattle hoof care including most recently the SAVE COWS symposium in Madison, Wisconsin.

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